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10 everyday hacks to lose weight

Posted on February 12 2018

10 everyday hacks to lose weight


Do these simple and easy to implement changes in your daily life and see the fat disappear.

Drink Water

Water weight can account upto 3-5 kgs of unwanted weight. A little more in women. Drinking more water will signal the body to reduce water retention and so weight loss occurs. Be sure to take a multivitamin at the same time because the body will be flushing out minerals too with the water it sheds.

Walk more.

Take the stairs, park the car further away, you get the drift. Invest in a pedometer and task yourself on the number of steps you should take in a day. Simple and easily doable.

Chew more

Eat slowly and chew your food more than usual before swallowing. The body will feel full faster and you will almost never ever overeat.

Use a smaller plate.

Trick your mind into eating smaller portions which look like they fill a plate. Sounds silly but it works.

Shun packaged stuff

If you have to open it, don’t eat it. Anything out of a packet or box or tetra-pack should be avoided completely.


This is when your body does two things. It releases vital hormones that rebuild itself and replenishes itself. You deny your body this chance and you are sabotaging your efforts. 6-8 hrs of sleep are key.

Sugar and Salt

Cut down on both. Sugar addiction is probably the most prolific and abused addiction in the world and salt with sodium in it retains water and makes you feel bloated not to mention messes with your blood pressure.

Drink Coffee or Green Tea

Both are excellent choices to shed the pounds. In fact, start the day with a coffee and end it with green tea with 2-3 cups of either in the middle.

Stand more

Standing 3 hrs extra in a day instead of sitting will burn 150 more calories.

Eat this not that

If you want a chicken burger make it grilled, instead of fried rice make it steamed with veggies, if you want a pizza make it thin crust, if you want ice cream have a flavored frozen yogurt instead etc etc…simple substitutions will greatly reduce the calories without denying the taste buds.

Needless to say, there is no substitution for a good resistance training program for fat loss but incase time chance and circumstance do not allow it follow these simple tips.


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  • Mihir: May 09, 2018

    Good Ideas!

    Worth trying them…

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