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7 Ways to Stay Fit This Winter

Posted on January 04 2019

7 Ways to Stay Fit This Winter
The pace of transition from summer to winter is slower than the people grabbing their blankets and crumbling on the bed whole day long. During winters, it becomes difficult to conquer laziness and maintain fitness routine on a daily basis. Motivation starts to fade away with the gust of cool breeze and so does the body shape. But the good news is workout warms up your body and makes it easier to face the winter blues with zest. Rather than giving lame excuses, establish a schedule and push your mind and body to manage it.
  • Keep Your End Goal Clear:  No matter how hard it is to remove that bulky overcoat and soft furry blanket, it is still fascinating to imagine your toned-up beach body. A fit body needs an intense workout to stay in shape. Remember why you started exercising in the first place. It not only keeps you motivated but also boosts your enthusiasm. You can also start wearing fitted clothes instead of oversized sweaters and jackets to give you a constant realization to stay committed to your goal.
  • Layer Up: To exercise outdoors one need more warmth than guts. Make sure you are properly dressed up and covered by a warm outfit which doesn’t hinder your body movement during workout sessions. Use synthetic cloth as the first layer on your body because it absorbs sweat unlike cotton, which stays wet and reduces your body temperature. Moreover, keep your head covered and prefer bright colored outfits.
  • Stay Hydrated: During winters, the consumption of fluids reduces drastically. You must stay hydrated all the time even if you don’t feel the need to drink water. To trick your mind, carry a sipper or an easy-to-carry water bottle with you while working out and take sips of water occasionally.
  • Wear Sunscreen to Avoid Exposure: Albeit wearing sunscreens does not make any sense to you especially during winters, it is required to protect your skin from harsh rays. Therefore, you must apply sunscreen to areas which are exposed to the sun and are not covered by clothes.

    •  Workout with a Friend: Working out with a friend has a positive effect on your mind, as it helps you to stay motivated and stick to your routine instead of lazing around with millions of excuses. Pair up with a friend or a group as it helps you to keep a check on your stamina, discipline and creates a sense of belongingness amongst peers.
    • Try Fun Winter Sports: Get out of your comfort zone and try out winter sports such as skiing, ice skating, and snowboarding. This weather offers many ways to give up that monotonous routine and grab the opportunity to stay healthy and joyful. This way you will stay active without anybody forcing you to be.

    • Stay Aware: Whenever you go out, be aware of your surroundings and stay cautious of ice sheets on roads. As during winters, days are short and nights are long, try to schedule your activities in the daytime to avoid evenings when it is dark. You should not only just inform your family but also tell them about your well-being and how far are you going away from home.
    It is absolutely necessary to work on your health and body. To stay motivated, minor changes can make a lot of difference and easier for you to cope up with the harsh and cold weather conditions.
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