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7 Wonders That you Find at the Gym

Posted on July 12 2019

7 Wonders That you Find at the Gym
A gym is a wonderful place and you come across a few specific kinds of people in a gym who can put the seven wonders of the world to shame. The regular gym-goers tend to see the same faces every day, they observe them, check them out and spot their traits. That’s what we do - our guilty pleasure. They’ll make you laugh, they’ll give you cringe and sometimes they just irritate you.

Mirror Mirror on the wall

The walls of a gym will have mirrors and the selfie kings and queens will hog on them always. Their warm-up includes a selfie, their cardio includes a mirror selfie and their weights only wait for their hands to come and pick them up. 

The Sweat Machine

Have you ever come across a profuse sweat dripper at a gym who starts working out later and starts sweating first? It’s just us or you also feel irritated when you’ve been running for the last 30 minutes and there’s not a grain of sweat on your forehead? On the other hand, this guy doesn’t stop flooding the gym. 

The Equipment Hogger

They won’t the machine they love no matter what and this happens the most with treadmills especially in the evening. That is the reason we suggest not to go by the generic days and have your own leg, arms and whatever days so that you don’t have to wait for a particular machine. But our favourites are those who would leave their towels, bottles and stuff on equipment to block them. They for sure have come to the gym but the school has not left them yet.

The Affectionate Couple

The passionate PDA lovers will be working on each other more than working on themselves. Some of these species come to the gym to spend some alone time together and some come to spend some more time with their significant other. The former is a dangerous category. 

“Who is doing what”

There are a few competitive souls at the gym who keep an eye out for what others are doing and want to try everything of that but end up doing nothing. They hop from machine to machine, copy others. 

The Sharapova in the House

They grunt and keep grunting throughout. There is more weight in the sound they make than what they are lifting. 

 The Chit Chat Box

For some people, a gym is another chilling spot where they can chill, hang out and socialize. These chit chatters always look for people and wherever they find 4-5 people they start a conversation that never ends and your ears start bleeding. 

     These are the people that we come across usually at the gym. Do you have some other special species to share with us? Feel free to share your funny encounter with them. 


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