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A Beginners Guide To Boxing

Posted on February 15 2019

A Beginners Guide To Boxing

So you’ve decided to embrace the warrior inside you and boxing is your weapon of choice? Well look no further this article will familiarize with the ancient art of boxing. We’ll attempt to explain the basics of movement and stance. Be sure to YouTube your way through or better still get a credible instructor.

Advantage Of Boxing:

Boxing is an extraordinary sport, maybe the most difficult of all sports. It requires speed, finesse, power, perseverance, and extreme mental toughness. Boxing pushes you like no other, setting the best competitors against one another. It's a sweet science and yet a crude and brutal sport. Boxing uncovers the genuine contender somewhere inside each and every one of us.
It a great way to get your cardio going on the high altitude, boxing regularly will make sure that you get in shape in no time. What's more is you'll notice huge muscle and strength gains.

The Basic Boxing Stance:

The fundamental boxing position should be simple for tenderfoots to assault and shield effectively. You're canvassed in this stance with both the hands prepared to assault effectively. Seasoned boxers will utilize more distinctive boxing stances for more nuanced body movements and counter-punching opportunities. The stance is explained in detail as follow:
  • Front Toe and Rear heel on the center line, keep the dominant hand behind the non-dominant hand.
  • Keep the dominant hand's leg on the rear and other leg, forward so that it feels natural and the weight is evenly distributed.
  • The feet should be diagonal overall and little wider than shoulder-width apart.
  • The rear heel should be slightly elevated.
  • Keep your elbows tucked below and keep your hands up.
  • Protect your face behind your hands so that your eyes have just enough space to look at your opponent clearly.
  • Stay loose and breathe easy.

    The Basic Movement Of Boxing:

    The two most basic types of movements in boxing are the step and drag and the pivot maneuvers. The basic ground rule to remember to keep your feet down on the ground so you’re ready to attack, deflect, evade or to defend.
    1. Step & Drag: in this movement, you move forward with your front leg and let your rear leg drag forward naturally. For moving backward, you move back your rear leg and follow with the drag of the front foot backward.
    2. The Pivot: It is ‘usually’ done by turning in a circular motion on your front foot, you could pivot right or pivot left. This is a useful technique to counter punch, evade or defend yourself.
      It is always a great idea to get yourself a credible instructor and train under their watchful eyes. Make sure you’re wearing the right sports-wear apparel so as to maximize your mobility. ‘Sportsnu’ is pioneers of sports apparel for many years. To know more about sports and sports apparel visit us at


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