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All that You Need to Know about Circuit Training

Posted on May 26 2019

All that You Need to Know about Circuit Training

When it comes to exercises and work out options, the universe is wide and inexhaustible. Every target point has different and specific exercises. You need to opt for the right regime for the desired results. Always train under a good trainer and follow a good diet plan to speed up the process. You may also keep adding new exercises and routines to your workout to break the monotony.

Have you heard of Circuit Training? It’s a complete institute of fitness in itself. You’ll never get bored with circuit training ever.  It strengthens your muscles, tones your body and boosts stamina. So let’s explore a little more about circuit training.

What is Circuit Training?

It’s a high volume yet low resistance weight workout. It doesn’t have more than 60 seconds of break time in the middle of a workout that involves high-intensity cardio, strength training and focuses on cardiovascular fitness too. You’ll love it if you look for variety and change in your work out. It’s like a boot camp style of training where there’s less rest in between the exercises and the focus is on building endurance and cardiorespiratory system.

Advantages of Circuit Training

There are many benefits of circuit training:
  • First of all, you’ll never get bored with it. It’s a complete package of entertainment in itself. It’s an array of different types of exercises targeting different areas.

  • Improves the power of concentration. You switch between exercises so quickly that you are left with no time to tune out and for the very same reason you need to pay extra concentration to the regime so that you do not go wrong or miss any segment.

  • An intensive circuit training session burns one-third times more calories than a regular workout with weights. It has more cardio benefits and improves stamina faster than any other training.

  • It burns almost 10 calories every minute and works as a dynamic fat burner.  

    Why should you circuit train?

    If you aren’t sold to the above-mentioned benefits then you must definitely ask ‘ why circuit training’.
    Circuit training involves both the sets of training - Anaerobic and Aerobic training. Anaerobic training is also called strength training that requires small bursts of energy such as push-ups, lunges, pull-ups, etc. Aerobic training demands extra oxygen and your heart rate increases to meet the demand, hence, called cardio. Exercises such as running, biking, jumping jacks, etc come under aerobic. Circuit training gives you the best of both worlds.


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