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An introduction to the world skates and skating

Posted on December 28 2018

An introduction to the world skates and skating
Did you know that ice skating is the oldest winter game? Figure skating debuted during the London Olympic Games in 1908, pre-dating the beginning of the formal winter games by 16 years.

Skating is a sport that involves traveling on different surfaces using different skates, the interface between your feet and surface could be wheels (aligned in different patterns) or blades depending on the surface you choose to skate on. The surfaces can range from ice, snow, tarmac to street roads. This blog will aim to educate you about the basic types and principles of skating. There are three main types of skating:

Ice Skating: They employ the use of ice skates on an icy(frozen) surface. These surfaces can be skating rinks or lakes/ponds that have frozen over in the winter. Ice skates are basically boots that are attached to metal blades. The skater has to wear these ice skates and balance to move around on the surface. There are different forms of ice skating like figure ice skating, synchronized ice skating, ice hockey, ice speed skating,freestyle, and last but not the least recreational ice skating.

Roller Skating: They employ the use of roller skates (roller blades in some cases) on streets, roads, skating rinks, or tarmacs. Roller skates are basically boots attached to wheels. The skater has to balance on these skates and use momentum and force to propel and navigate themselves around. There are different kinds of roller skating, Inline Skating, Quad Roller skating, Aggressive Inline Skating, Artistic Roller Skating, Freestyle, Speed Skating,Skateboarding etc.
Snowboarding/Skateboarding: Snowboarding or skateboarding does not employ the use of skates. Instead, it employs the use of boards to hover and skate/slide/hover over different surfaces. Snowboarders use a plane snowboard to balance and navigate their way on snow, whereas skateboarders use the same board but with quad wheels attached so as to be able to navigate on roads, tarmacs and other similar hard surfaces.
There are other sports that involve the same techniques and concepts of skating but are not really classified as such. Surfboarding, wake surfing, ice skating, snake boarding, hoverboarding, they all employ similar concepts of physics like balance, postures and centrifugal force. If you’re looking to get into skating then choose you skates according to your local terrain. Get some classes and get swooshing.
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