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Basic Guide To Water Sports

Posted on February 21 2019

Basic Guide To Water Sports
So you’re a water baby, are you looking to dive in but don’t know which sport to pick up? In this guide, we will attempt to explain to you the most common types of water sports and sporting events that you can take part in. There are several water sports that you can’t take part in and they come in all shapes and sizes. You can choose a sport on the basis of parameters like height, depth, dive height, speed, endurance, and buoyancy etc.
  • Surfing
This sport includes riding waves that are forming or breaking at the seashore, you can make use of a surfboard to ride the waves in an upright or prone position. Surfers are known to use rivers, man-made waves, and oceans.
  • Sailing
Sailing is a watersport that uses the wind ( instead of engines ) to power the sails and guides the boat through a charted course. The sailors have to excellent at navigation, harnessing the wind and mapping out courses.

  • Swimming
In this sport, an individual uses their arms and legs to propel their body front or rear. Usually, this takes place in pools or in the open waters like rivers, lakes, ponds, or the sea. This sport requires you to have huge amounts of stamina and endurance.

  • Cliff Diving
This is one of the least dangerous extreme sport. There’s no special equipment needed for this, just your regular clothes and you’re good to go. In this sport, you jump off a cliff or edge into the water body. The thing to keep in mind is that the water should not be shallow or that it should not have any rocks. Think of this like jumping an eight or ten story building but into a deep swimming pool.

  • Synchronized Swimming
This is a hybrid form of swimming, dance, and gymnastics. Swimmers grouped in solos, duets,trios, and combos perform choreographed routines of elaborate moves in the water. Some of the skills that are employed here are strength, endurance, flexibility, grace, artistry, and timing.
  • Water Polo
This is sports closely emulates the rules of football and basketball played in the water. There are seven members on either team and the objective of the game is score as many goals as possible within the allowed time.

  • Parasailing
In this watersport, a person is towed behind with a boat while they’re attached to a canopy wing. The harness attached to the pilot is also attached firmly to the boat and the wing. As the vehicle gains momentum and the appropriate speed, the pilot is eventually airborne, sailing through the air.
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