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Cellulite how to get rid of it.

Posted on October 14 2017

Cellulite how to get rid of it.

Firstly, let get the correct definition of cellulite out of the way. 

Cellulite is quite simply fat deposits which have pushed their way through connective tissue and show themselves as lumps under the skin. As you age, reduction in collagen (the protein that gives skin structure) makes your skin weaker and allows fat deposits to show themselves. 80%-90% women, of all shapes, sizes and body fat %’s have it even athletes, being overweight only makes it show more.

So, to reduce cellulite you need to do the following:

1.Improve your skin structure.

Your skin needs to be stronger than what it is. For that stimulating problem areas with a foam roller, massages, using body scrubs etc help tremendously. Your skin tightens and becomes stronger.

2.Focus on your diet.

Hydrate. Good skin needs water and lots of it. Aim for 3 liters of water a day and add water-heavy veggies and fruits to your diet like cucumber, tomatoes, watermelon etc.

Increase your protein intake. Self-explanatory really. Your body is crying out for protein, just dal and an occasional egg white doesn’t cut it at all.

Do a vitamin deficiency test. Just about every person I know is deficient either in Vit D or B. Find out and correct this imbalance. Your body and skin will thank you.


One pound of fat takes up a third of more space than a pound of muscle. To reduce cellulite, you have to replace fatty tissue with muscle tissue. To gain muscle, you really have no option but to do some form of strength training. Walking, swimming or jogging unfortunately aren’t enough by themselves. You have to add resistance, either using your bodyweight or going to the gym to really build muscle.

Additionally, 1 pound of muscle tissue at rest burns anything between 8-12 calories daily while 1 pound of fat burns just 2-3 calories. So, if you manage to replace 1 pound of fat with 1 pound of muscle you will burn an additional 6-9 calories daily. How cool is that.

Stop thinking about miracle creams, laser treatments, therapy and other money grubbing schemes being peddled every day. These are just temporary panaceas. Fat will just replace fat if you do not tackle the genesis of it in an informed and systematic way. 

Attack the cause, not the symptoms.


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  • Injeela : July 01, 2018

    Does walking combined with Yoga replace fart tissue with muscle

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