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Choosing the right gym wear for your workout!

Posted on March 23 2019

Choosing the right gym wear for your workout!
Big brands, fancy labels or embellished designs you may be very picky and choosy about your fashion and wardrobe but when it comes to gym wear only one thing matters that’s called comfort. Working out can be tiring, exhausting, fun and fantastic but you’ll be sweating cats and dogs so a comfy activewear is a must. For a comfortable gym wardrobe you need to keep certain important factors in mind. The gym outfits must be decided depending upon few factors such as weather, the exercise regime, fit, etc. Okay, let’s make it simpler for you:
Moisture wicking:
You know it for a fact that you are gonna sweat a lot while working out so the fabric of your clothes must be moisture wicking that doesn’t let moisture stay on your skin and keeps your body cool. Activewears made of Polyester, Lycra and spandex, etc. are the best. We suggest cotton based outfits for light workouts like stretching, walking, etc. where you do not anticipate sweating a lot. When you sweat a lot cotton absorbs all the moisture and becomes wet and heavy which is why it’s not suggested to wear cotton for intense workouts.
The right fit:
Right fit essential for youto feel comfortable and relaxed while working out. A very tight fitted outfit can make you breathless fast and you can’t go for way to loose clothes also. Now again that depends what’s your regime for the day. For running, cycling, cardio sessions avoid loose pants, for yoga and pilates well fitted and moisture wicking outfits are the best. In short don’t wear anything that might hinder your workout in anyway keeping in mind your schedule for the day.
Good supportive undergarments:
We go through exhaustive routine when we exercise putting out body and different body parts under so much pressure. A good quality supportive undergarment is a must before you hit the gym. Women should always invest in a good sports bra to protect their breasts and guys, must always have a protective cup with them religiously while playing sports or working out.


What’s the weather:
If you are into sports or like working out outdoors then season plays an important role in deciding your wardrobe and also otherwise. During summer at least, it becomes important to wear something moisture wicking and breathable. For rainy weather always carry a covering so that your gym outfits don’t get drenched. During winter make sure you dress up in layers because it maybe freezing cold outside but while working out you are going to feel warm and therefore it should be convenient for you to take off layer by layer.
Stick to the basics, that’s the only mantra - keep it comfy. All you gotta remember is that no matter what the temperature is, how insane the weather is you have to go out and exercise and you are gonna sweat during the drill. So, keep yourself and your body as comfortable as possible so that each and every cell of your body is able to breath during and post workout.


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