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Cycling Sport - A Basic guide

Posted on January 11 2019

Cycling Sport - A Basic guide
Cycle sports is a set of sports that utilize the bicycle, these are highly competitive physical activities. There are basically racing and non-racing types of cycling sports. The non-racing sports include artistic cycling like freestyle BMX, mountain biking. The racing types are based on long or shorts distances. They both are further sub-classified into different categories based on the surface, format, and the kind of cycle that is being used.

The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) is the world governing body for cycling and international competitive cycling events.

Recognized as an Olympic sport, Bicycle races are supremely popular in Germany, Denmark, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, and Switzerland. The United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, and Luxembourg follow suit. India also has a budding cycling culture that can already be seen amongst the entirety of the country.

Some major categories of cycling sports are:


Road Cycling: This is all about speed, getting from one point to another in the fastest possible time is the basic goal in this type. Overall physical fitness is of key importance here whether it is riding a times sportive, a criterium, a single day or multi day-multi stage race. The cycle used here are usually light, stiff, and geometrically matches your height and the weight ratio.

Cyclo-Cross: A sport where riding hard through a short circuit is the norm. There are obstacles and hurdles that are put in the midst of the course to test the riders cognition and skill. These races are usually are of short duration. Lesser than or up to an hour is the usual duration of a circuit. An enormous physical effort, longevity, and stamina are some of the basic attributes required for Cyclo-Cross.These cycles are very similar to the road cycles. Designed to handle well under lower speeds, they have extreme braking capabilities and are light enough to when needs be.

Mountain Biking: As the name suggests this includes races that are held on mountains. The terrains here are highly dangerous and require highly technical racers with a level of skill that is immaculate. There are a few sub-categories like Cross-Country,Downhill,  and 4X(4-cross) racing.

BMX: This type of race is comparetively elementary in nature. Mostly this will take place off-road, BMX races are sprints on a purpose-built course. Riders navigate a dirt course including banking or jums.

There are a few more budding cycling sub-cultures that deserve an honorary mention here:Cycle Speedway, Motor-Paced Racing.


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