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Fitness-The Way to One’s Body, Mind and Spirit

Posted on July 29 2018

Fitness-The Way to One’s Body, Mind and Spirit

Fitness is an integral part of life, even if the couch potato in you is vigorously shaking its head in utter denial right now! And when one talks about fitness, it is not about vigorous training and workout sessions for everyone. Fitness is synonymous with an active lifestyle. A considerable amount of physical activity is the way to hide your pot-belly once and for all. Sports is not about the exhaustion, but the exhilaration and sense of accomplishment that it brings. Unify your mind and body with a self-crafted fitness regime.

Find the sweet spot within yourself, the vertex of your mind, body and spirit. We aren’t suggesting you pick a gym membership and get to the treadmill right away. Every small step, even the one you took to step away from the elevator, counts!

Here are a few daily fitness tips that will leave you with no choice but to tape your inner lazy-demon shut.

Homebound Exercise:

You can stay in the comfort of your home and still get enough physical activity. These homebound activities will turn even the indoor-introverts into sports-extroverts.

  • Pedal a stationary bicycle while you’re binge-watching sitcoms.
  • Ask your friend from the neighbourhood to join you for an evening walk or a run. Explore and get fit together!
  • Walk to the nearest grocery store to get your shopping done.
  • For short distances, ride a bicycle and ditch your car or motorcycle. This way you can get to see mother Nature beaming at you too!
  • If you want to be more rigorous, exercise along with a fitness video as it plays.  
  • Mow your lawn. Watch yourself get fit while the next-door aunty looks at your garden enviously!
  • Clean the mess in your room or wash the long pending dust off your car. Find lost treasures from your past while you do it!

Daily exercise can bring a positive change to your life. It can be very easily seen in your day-to-day life. Moreover, doing simple physical activities at home eliminates the monotony. It gets your household chores done, keeping you fit at the same time.

Work-play Balance:

Work that requires long sitting times can bring with them stress and an immense risk of other diseases. As you get your work done, pay a little attention to your physical fitness by engaging in simple exercises.

  • Get down on the previous train or bus station every day. Walk the rest of the way to your place of work.
  • Go on a brisk 5-10 minutes’ walk during your short breaks. Find a co-worker and see the magical change in your mood and work pace.
  • Join the office cricket team or any sports team and get involved in sports.
  • If your office has a gym, hit the gym every alternative day. Show up a little early to work to work out the stress from your routine life.

Take a voluntary decision to involve yourself in short daily physical activities. Get engaged in walks, jogs, skating, cycling, and swimming. Sports has a profound effect on your health; it teaches teamwork, improves problem-solving abilities, boosts self-esteem and your stress level rapidly fall.

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