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From Sofa to So Fit - Fitness at home for those who always find excuses

Posted on May 11 2019

From Sofa to So Fit - Fitness at home for those who always find excuses
You don’t really need truckloads of equipment and extra money to stay fit. It only requires dedication and hard work to reflect on your body. If you are too lazy to go to the gym or feel it’s a waste of money and time but still wanna stay fit, then this 2 min read will become your bible. All have to do is give 30-60 min of your day to get the desired results. Most people are willing to start home gymming but they are usually confused about where to start and how to start. We’ve got you covered there:
Warm up - Stretch, Jumping Jacks, Push-ups
Before starting your work-out make sure you warm up your body properly until you sweat. Give at least 10 minutes to a workout routine that includes Stretching, Jumping jacks, Push-ups, etc. Make sure each and every muscle of your body is warmed up so that you don’t struggle with sore muscles later.


    5 minutes of planks a day can strengthen your abdominal and back muscles. It tightens your core and put a strain on your thighs and buttons too. Start with a 60-90 second routine and divide it into 2-3 sets of 15-20 seconds.  As your body progresses you may increase the time limit to 30 seconds, then 60 and eventually 90 seconds.


      If you want your glutes and hights to be in shape and toned then along with lunges squats are a must. Start slow with 10-12 reps with your hands back around your neck or straight in the front. You’ll feel the hip and thigh muscles stretching which is a good sign. Do 3-4 sets initially and later increase the count and you may also include weights to increase the difficulty level.  

        Make your core strong and tone your belly with regular crunches. Start with 10-12 normal front crunches for 3 sets and then increase the reps as your body adapts. You may include sideway crunches and half crunches, later on, to put more strain on your core. Crunches are a super effective exercise to work on your abs and belly area.


          In the beginning, you may start with a simple set of lunges that affects your hips and thighs. You can also take the support of wall or chains to balance yourself initially and then switch to forward lunge or another variant. 8-10 reps in 3 sets are good to start with.

          Burpees are all rounders when it comes to exercises. You jump, you squat, you lunge, you stretch and the most important you sweat like it raining. 5-10 minutes of burpees at the end, drains you to death if the above-mentioned workouts haven’t. They help in losing weight, getting rid of unwanted fat and tones the body.
            Now we hope, you won’t give yourself any more excuses to not exercise. Start with these basic regimes and always end your workout with 5 minutes of stretching routine to avoid sore muscles.


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