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How To Deal With Muscle Pain After Exercise

Posted on April 05 2019

How To Deal With Muscle Pain After Exercise
What’s gain without pain? Nothing but a tasteless delight. The hard earned belongings are toughest to lose and closest to our heart. Same is the case with a healthy and fit body. It comes after months of sweat and pain.
Sore muscles after an intense workout is normal, known as Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). If you stayed a couple of days in pain that means it was a great workout but if it bothers you for longer then it’s certainly not. It could be an injury. Usually the sore muscles are due to increase in the intensity of a workout or change in the sport or exercise. However once the body gets accustomed to the new sport or exercise then there’s little or no muscle soreness. In case the muscle pain is accompanied by breathing trouble, body temperature, muscle weakness and stiff neck, you need to go and see the doctor.
Here are few easy breezy hacks to fight the pain:
Ice pack for the rescue
In case the pain seems more of an injury than sore muscle pangs, an ice pack therapy is your first aide. If there’s a swelling or pain in the joint then, in that case ice pack is a saviour and later a pain relieving ointment after drying the area. The ointment is helpful in case of sore muscles too.
Massage does magic
The body become stiff after rigorous routine. The muscles contract when you are a regular gym goer. Massage relaxes the tightened up muscles and soothes the ache. Go to a physiotherapist or normal masseuse on regular intervals if you are into intense workout freak.
Stretch to relax your muscles
Stretching should be an important part of your exercise regime. Always make sure you start and end your workout with stretching routine for 5-10 minutes to avoid sore muscles. You should always warm up your body before hitting the weights or intense workout segment. Gradual pick up is the simple trick to keep body ache at bay.
Do not stop exercising
This is one mistake that most people make - they call it quits for few days or for longer than a few days.  You shouldn’t do that. Switch to simple and light exercises like walking, swimming that helps cut the lactic acid formation in the muscles. The pain is an indication that your muscles are getting stronger and if you keep up with the pain continuing with light exercises, your body adapts the pain.
A heavenly warm bath
Why we called it hevenly? Well, after an hour long workout and sweating, a warm bath relaxes all the muscles and relieves all the pain for a while. It actually feels heavenly and rejuvenates the body. It is one easy breezy therapy that also helps in keeping away the muscle pain.
If you befriend these five tricks and incorporate them in your exercise routine, you can easily beat the sore muscles.


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