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How to Perfect Your Deadlifts

Posted on May 31 2019

How to Perfect Your Deadlifts
Legends say, “Nothing’s Perfect”. We agree. ‘You can’t seek perfection in everything’. We agree. But, if you aren’t doing your deadlifts perfectly, that’s just not acceptable. There’s only one funda in Deadlifts - You either do it right or you don’t do it at all.  You don’t wanna invite injuries and dwell in pain for the silliest of reasons, right?
The deadlift has been an all-time favourite for building strength and gaining muscles. However, there are few people who avoid deadlifts because they don’t want to get injured or they believe they aren’t in complete form to perform them. Having said that, if done properly, the results of deadlift for muscle development are unmatched. It requires not only strong arms but also solid core, the right body balance, great grip and super strong shoulders and back. With the increasing weights, the exercise becomes more and more challenging.
Form, posture and positioning play an important role in perfecting your deadlifts. Here’s how you should position and perform deadlift:

Positioning the Feet

Incorrect foot positioning is one of the biggest mistakes committed by guys. The bar should be placed in the middle of your feet, i.e. between your heels and the toes’ end. The feet must be positioned parallelly and shoulders straight, only then only you’ll be able to apply all your power lift safely.

Positioning the Head

There’s no hard and fast rule to position the head. It’s a matter of preference and what you are most comfortable in.  Some guys like to look downwards at the bar that helps them concentrate and some like to look. All you have to keep in mind it, you don’t jerk your neck while deadlifting, it may strain your neck.

Positioning the Head

Remember, the wider grip gets you more power and balance. You must keep your hands an inch away from your shins on each side. Make sure you lift it with an overhand and firm grip. The bar must form a deeper grip in your palms so that your biceps aren’t popping out ripping your arms off.    

Breathing Technique

Inhale while lifting the bar up and exhale on your way down. You must develop control on your breath, you can’t take a breath or skip a breath either. The right and controlled breathing technique is one of the ways to your body.


The Pull

Now comes the climax - The pull. All you have to keep in mind is - it goes from A to B. That’s it. It has to be clean and smooth.  
Now you are all set to go to the gym and hit the deadlift section. Start with the weight that you are most comfortable with and increase it with time. We suggest you wear supportive gears for extra precautions. Supportive belts, wrist band, etc. are worn by professionals too. You may wear knee braces, however, if you do the lift properly your knee will not sprain.


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