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Know Your Body Type

Posted on November 16 2018

Know Your Body Type

The fitness industry has seen a tremendous rise in the past decade, this has also led to numerous researches and fitness programmes being introduced. If you’re a beginner or are looking to get into the fitness industry, it is essential for you to know your body type. Your body type will essentially dictate a vast majority of your actions. The body type category you fall into will determine your nutrition, sleep cycle, fitness regime etc. If you stand in front of the mirror and look at yourself, you will notice that you fall in the broad spectrum of the three pre-defined body types. It is important to notice that body types are a spectrum and not lines defined absolutely.


  • Ectomorphs - Ectomorphs are essentially thin (skinny) people. They have distinct characteristics like elongated, slim and/or thin limbs. They have fast metabolisms that make them resistant to gaining fat or muscle mass. Ectos have a tendency to burn through fat and protein faster than their body can store them. Commonly known as “hard gainers” they are known to be binge eaters while gaining little or no weight. They have a smaller skeletal structure, their genetic makeup limits their ability to put on fat or muscle mass. By default, they have low to moderate strength but run on very high reserves of stamina and endurance. Examples of famous ecto athletes are Michael Phelps, Lance Armstrong, Kevin Garnett, Manny Pacquiao, Usain Bolt, and Bruce Lee.

  • Endomorphs - Endomorphs are known to be on the bulkier side. They have characteristics like chubby and pudgy limbs. Their slow metabolism makes them susceptible to gaining weight (mostly in the form of fat). Endos have a tendency to store fat and protein faster than their body can burn them. They have been known to put on weight in spite of low intake of nutrition. They are the most difficult body type with respect to overall fitness and ability to lose fat. They have a wide waist and a larger skeletal structure. By default, they have low stamina and endurance, they can have low to moderate strength. Examples of famous endo athletes are Shaquille O-Neal, Benedikt Magnusson, Lee Priest, Vince Wilfork, and Ndamukong Suh.

  • Mesomorphs - Mesomorphs fall in between ectomorphs and endomorphs. They usually have a muscular V-taper body structure. They are essentially blessed genetically with the ability to gain or lose muscle mass with more ease than ectos or endos. Their moderate metabolism enables them to keep a relatively balanced composition of fat and muscle. Their genetic makeup enables them to regulate their diet in order to gain or lose fat and muscle in an efficient manner. They have a dense, wide and well balanced skeletal structure. Universally they have moderate to high levels of strength, they are also known to have moderate stamina and endurance. Examples of famous meso athletes are Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jay Cutler, Anna Kournikova, Mike Tyson, and Bo Jackson.


Being able to recognize your body type from the get-go will enable you to make efficient decisions and fast-track your fitness journey.


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