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Moisture wicking fabric - Why it matters to your fitness.

Posted on May 16 2017

Moisture wicking fabric - Why it matters to your fitness.

If you go through SportsNu apparel descriptions you will see that they are made predominantly of polyester and which we portray as “moisture wicking”. Let us explain what we mean.

SportsNu gym apparel is made of polyester which is a synthetic or man-made fiber. Polyester is very hydrophobic, which means it doesn’t absorb moisture very well unlike cotton which is the opposite.

Polyester has the capability of pulling moisture away from the body to the top of the fabric so that it evaporates. The sweat and perspiration generated from your body is not trapped by the fabric and is instead moved to the exterior and allowed to evaporate giving a cooling sensation as a bonus.

All our SportsNu apparel is made up of this high-performance apparel so that you stay comfortable while exercising. 



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