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Parkour - Free Running For a Free Soul

Posted on December 10 2018

Parkour - Free Running For a Free Soul
Although the seed of parkour was primarily sown in the late 1980s by a Raymond Belle in France. The discipline was taken forward by his son and his group of friends called the “Yamakasi” in the early 90s. It started getting mainstream media attention and came into the limelight when Hollywood started incorporating it in its action sequences in movies like Casino Royale, The Bourne Ultimatum, it also found it’s footing in left of center avenues like video games like ‘Assassins Creed’ or ‘ Mirror’s Edge’.

This set up Parkour to be a pivotal movement in the billion dollar fitness industry. Soon parkour took the world by a storm, it was trendy, it was sleek, it was uber cool, and it was and still is one of the most popular regimes when it comes to fitness.It is being used by fitness trainer, martial artists and is also being employed by the military as a part of there training for special forces. The presence of parkour gyms and parks is being felt all across the globe.

So what is parkour? Parkour is basically the art of free running. The ultimate aim is to be able to run and navigate your natural surrounding by making use of obstacles found in nature (benches, trees, walls, cars, buildings, ledges etc) to get from one point to another in an efficient, swift and quick way. While practicing, the pupils of the artform aim to get from point A to B by putting obstacles in a way that stimulates a complex environment. Start simple and let it take up a notch a time, is a great trick to learn it properly. Parkour includes running, climbing, swinging, rolling, jumping, vaulting, crawling etc
In a more conceptual way, the essence of parkour lies in being able to see your environment in a new way. By being able to perceive the obstacles as opportunities, by being one with your surroundings one will be able to unlock one's true potential.

These are just a few of the many advantages parkour can have on your mind, body, and soul.
Full Body Workout
Promotes Quick Thinking Skills
Stimulates Creativity
Boosts Confidence
Skill- Related Fitness
Build Core Strength
Stronger Character
Makes your bone stronger
Helps in developing your cardiovascular strength
Make your more sociable

Parkour is for everyone - kids, teenagers, adolescents,adults- men and women of all ages. All you gotta do is find your local parkour community and go run with the pack!
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