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Right Breathing Technique to Improve Your Gains

Posted on June 09 2019

Right Breathing Technique to Improve Your Gains
Exercising and working out can be tough and taxing. You put your body through a new challenge every day which gets tougher with every passing day and every passing workout. After all, there is no gain without pain. But in the process of achieving your fitness goals, there are many small contributors that play an important role in maximizing your gains and boosting the process. Right breathing technique is one of them.
Our muscles need regular and proper supply of oxygen to grow and so does each and every body part. Now while working out it becomes all the more important to understand and analyse our breathing process because it changes as we work out to become more intense and fast. Wrong inhaling and exhaling techniques can lead to injuries and other complications. The right breathing will not drain your energy fast and add a few reps to each of your sets to give you a great workout.
Let’s start with the basics, how to Inhale and exhale
Inhaling: You draw air in through the nose or mouth. The air goes down through the windpipe to the lungs. But how can you improve it? While breathing make sure the air swells your stomach first and your shoulders should not move at all.
Exhaling: Your belly goes in and the air comes out through the nose or mouth. But make sure you push back your lower back while sitting and exhale all the air that you can.
Diaphragmatic Breathing: While sitting on a chair you lean back to form an arch, stretching the belly. It activates the core and helps in delivering a good amount of oxygen to the muscles that prevent early fatiguing.
How to Breathe while doing heavy lifts?
After inhaling, fill your belly with the air and let it swell. It will help you lift heavy weights by providing you with stronger platform. You may fill your mouth with air for more power and strength.
Contract your pelvic muscles as if you are holding yourself from pissing while lifting the weights. Women call it kegel. It also has positive effects in the longer run, it strengthens the pelvic muscles and keeps you from urinary incontinence.
Tighten your core muscles all around as if someone is gonna hit you hard in the belly. Start with your reps and exhale some air when your start feeling sick and hold the rest of the air until you are done. And repeat the same process for the next set.
How to breathe between the breaks and sets?
The secret to a good Cardio and crossfit workout is proper breathing.  When you are winded and breathless after each set you tend to inhale more intensely but your body needs to exhale too. Let all the air inside your lungs be released and wait for a second before you inhale.
Diaphragmatic breathing helps to restore the normal breathing pace at this point. After emptying your lungs of inhaled air take 2-3 deep diaphragmatic breaths and everything will be back to normal.
You need to understand that these techniques won’t fit naturally in your routine. So, if it doesn’t workout initially don’t sweat it. It’s all about practice. Old habits die hard. It will gel with you and your routine eventually.
Watch out the space for more such Fitness fundas and techniques.


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