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Running gear for men - A fitness enthusiast’s closet staple

Posted on October 03 2018

Running gear for men - A fitness enthusiast’s closet staple

As we enter into the first week of October 2018 is coming to an end and as we know that endings are just the new beginnings. With a new year just around the corner, the time to set resolutions is approaching towards us and it is an undebatable topic that fitness goals and health regimes top the charts of new year resolutions every year. Right?

Well, health is one of the most precious gifts and must be preserved for a superior well being. Running, Yoga and other physical activities aids in preserving one’s healthy lifestyle and helps in weight management.

Running is considered as one of the most effective workout technique that helps rejuvenate the body by sweating out the stress and excessive fat out of the system. A refreshing run before going to work or running before unwinding the day is not just therapeutic but relaxes each fiber of our body to its very core.

Let us make your running ritual a bit more comfortable with fantastic running gears-

  • GRIT Men's Regular T-Shirt- This not so basic T-shirt is a must have and an essential workout wardrobe addition. This sporty t-shirt is built for a high powered workout session and absorbs sweat leaving you active and dry even after a rigorous run. Made of polyester, the material is flexible providing you breathable space and is a top rated workout buddy.
  • ATTACK 7" Men's Shorts- Nothing matches the feeling we experience after a rejuvenating run. Shorts and Running make up a perfect pair and can't be separated. This ultra soft pair of shorts is made up of polyester material that is skin friendly and soaks up sweat leaving you to feel dry and fresh all the time.
  • ADAPT Men's All Weather Track Pants, Straight Fit- This track pant is another stylish addition to your workout collection and comes with two pockets with zipper. They embrace your body and gives a lean look letting you stretch comfortably. Shop away this pair of pants for a sharp look.
  • TRAIN FS Men's Athletic Fit, Full Sleeves- This full sleeved sports T-shirt is a must-have for all the fitness enthusiasts. This lightweight t-shirt is made up of polyester and lycra providing elasticity and mobility. So look sharp and achieve your fitness goals.
  • JUMP MOBI Men's 10” Cellphone shorts- This ultra attractive pair of shorts is a combination of performance and functionality. The shorts have a panel pocket attached in the inner side that is accessible from the outside providing a great place to hold your phone securely and prevent it from falling out while playing or working out.  

The above-listed products are a must-have for sports enthusiasts. So gear up and shop away from the sports essentials for a healthy way up.


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