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Some Common Workout Mistakes That You Must Avoid

Posted on May 17 2019

Some Common Workout Mistakes That You Must Avoid
Working out is a good habit but working out wrongly is not. Undoubtedly exercises improve the physical health, mental concentration, keep depression and stress at bay and widens the thought spectrum. You put in your time, sweat and energy into your regime because you expect something out of it. However, in some cases, things go wrong and the process slows down. Today, we are gonna discuss few commonly committed work out mistakes that you can avoid.

Never Skip the Warm-up before you start exercising

  • Make warm-up prior to your workout regime a religion. Even if you do not have much time, make sure you give a fair share to warm up and go for a light routine. Running, stretching, skipping, jumping jack, etc. must be a part of your warm-up regime.

Nourish your Muscles well post work out

  • If you work-out empty stomach, that’s great. It works faster and acts as a catalyst for your work-out if you want to lose weight. But more important is to feed your muscles well after working out. Muscles go through wearing and tearing while you work out so they need high protein, carbohydrates and nutrients within 15-60 min of time depending upon the type of workout you have done.

Do not concentrate on a limited body area, make your entire body workout

  • We understand you have only a few areas in your body that need to be worked upon but concentrating only on specific are is not the way to go. It may cause muscle imbalance that may lead to muscle strains and tears.

Avoid working out if your body is tired and not relaxed

  • You can skip the gym if you haven’t slept well the previous night or have had a tedious day. Your body must be fully-functional and well rested for a rigorous workout.  

Never work out for way too long and have at least 10 hours gap between two rigorous regimes

  • Excess of anything can backfire. Exercising helps in building a fit and healthy body, do not ever do it in access or very frequently in the hope of reaching your goals faster. No, that not the way. What exercise does is breaks your body down and a good amount of rest and nutrients help in building it. There has to be at least 12 hours difference between two rigorous workouts and duration also shouldn’t exceed your limit.

Mind your forms, lines and postures

  • If you are a beginner do not make sure you pay keen attention to the forms and postures. One wrong move and you may be bedridden at least for a week. Therefore it’s suggested to train under a trainer who helps you understand the nuances of forms and exercises.

Stretch, Stretch and Stretch

  • Like we always say, stretching has to be apart of the opening and closing of the regime. You are not building a concrete structure, it’s your body that has to be flexible along with being strong. Stretching helps in relaxing the stiff muscles, retains your body’s natural flexibility, keeps sore muscles and injuries at distance.

Always listen to your trainer and keep these basics in mind, you’ll never ever face a gym injury.


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