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Strength Training and women - Misconceptions

Posted on August 03 2017

Strength Training and women - Misconceptions

I have discovered, over time, that most women (I’m generalizing here) have this deep-rooted aversion to lifting weights that I desperately try and dispel whomsoever I speak to. Somehow, they think that aerobics, yoga even walking will help them transform their body in a way lifting weights never could. They couldn’t be more wrong.

Lifting weights will help you change your body more effectively, efficiently and amazingly than any other form of exercise.

There are 5 common misconceptions that I hear regularly which I will explain away.

1.I’ll become bulky.

NO YOU WON’T. Unless you are producing the same amount of testosterone (roughly 9 times your current level) that men do and/or are taking hormone, steroids and other supplements by the bucket load, you won’t. Hit the weights, without hitting the supplements and I guarantee the fit, toned, cellulite free body you want.

2.I’ll become stiff and lose flexibility.

The opposite will happen. Most exercises, done through their proper range of motion, will stretch and elongate your tissues therefore making you stronger and more flexible.

3.If I stop my muscle will turn into fat.

This probably is the single most idiotic reason I’ve ever heard. Unless biology works differently for you than for the entire human race this will never happen. Muscle tissue and fatty tissue are two entirely different types and no amount of alchemy will turn one into the other. They each decrease and increase depending on whether you are lifting a pizza or a dumbbell.

4.Weight lifting doesn’t burn fat like aerobics does.

No, it doesn’t, it burns far more. In endurance training like cardio, aerobics etc both muscle and fat are used as fuel for energy. Strength training burns mostly fat because the muscles are in use. Secondly muscles burn more calories at rest than fat does. So, strength training equals more muscle equals more calorie burn and all other good things.

5.I should only lift light weights.

What utter nonsense. Muscles only respond to resistance and that too resistance that is increased regularly over time as you grow stronger and stronger. Sticking to light weights only is just about as effective as decaffeinated coffee.

Pretty please, if you are serious about transforming your body, ditch the doubts, forget the fear, win the war in your mind and go lift some weights. You will never regret it.



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