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The Benefits of a morning workout.

Posted on June 27 2017

The Benefits of a morning workout.

I’m an early morning lifter. It’s now gotten to the point that it’s my daily fix, I gotta have it. While making the time to workout is dependent on the person and his or her schedule, demands, compulsions etc., all I’ll do here is outline the benefits as I have experienced them.

Kick starts metabolism

It’s very much like jumpstarting an engine. An intense workout in the morning revs up your metabolism and keeps the calorie burn going throughout the day.

Mornings belong to you

Before the day jumps on you and starts scraping away at your time and attention, get the workout done and out of the way.

Higher energy levels

Energy levels enhanced by the release of dopamine and endorphins and other goodness elevate your mood and vitality early in the morning making you much more energetic and productive.

Easier to be consistent

Since one of the cornerstones of a successful fitness program is regular exercise, being consistent is easier when getting up in the morning is up to you. Office work, to-do lists, family, commute etc make it much more difficult in the evenings than the morning.

Less crowded gym

Since the gym will be less crowded it is much easier to find weights, treadmills and machines than waiting for them or continually changing the program because equipment is in use.

Sleep better

This was the immediate and most beneficial side-effect I found. I was so pleasantly fatigued by the end of the day that going to sleep was a song. A good 7-8 hrs of sleep is a wonderful thing.



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