The Core of the Matter

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The Core of the Matter

The core is not just about your abs. There are roughly 30 muscles attached to the core which is both, the front and back of your midsection. These muscles allow the body to move and a single combined unit. The main ones are:

  • Rectus Abdominus – your abs running from your sternum to your pelvis.
  • Erector Spinae – 8 muscles that run alongside your spine from your skull to your sacrum (back of the pelvis)
  • Obliques – 3 sets of muscles on the sides of your body covering your lower back and lower ribs.
  • Tranverse Abdominus (TVA) – A wide band of muscle under the abs and obliques that wraps around the spine for stability.
  • Quadratus Lumborum – The deepest abdominal muscle also commonly known as the back muscle, located in the lower back, either side of the spine.

All these muscles need to be strengthened if you want a strong core.



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