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The Importance of ‘Warm Ups’ and ‘Cool Downs’

Posted on December 26 2018

The Importance of ‘Warm Ups’ and ‘Cool Downs’
The rapid rise of the fitness lifestyle has also given birth to the rise of the fitness industry. With the availability of all the fitness equipment, electronics, and electrical, people have started to lose focus from the main thing that matters - the fitness. Basics like warm-ups, cool-downs, and pacing yourself are often found sidelined if not completely ignored. Let's get together and get back to the basics.
Doing a complete body workout warm up before a performance or a competition is a pre-requisite for athletes to maximize their performance. Cooling down after a performance will ensure that the athlete is able to efficiently and smoothly ease the muscle down and regulate blood flow and heart rate.


Physiologically, the process of warming up means the process of gradually and progressively increasing your blood circulation to the muscles that are being engaged. More blood flow is directly proportional to more oxygen delivery and reduced carbon dioxide to the tissue. Another process that takes place is thermodynamic in nature, the muscle temperature will rise up leading to dissociation of oxygen from the hemoglobin, quickening the metabolic reactions in the body. Increase in sensitivity then speeds up the nerve impulse and allows for faster synapses (overall mental-physical functioning). Quality warmups, help your body’s mobility, flexibility and is good for your overall musculoskeletal health. This is directly responsible for preventing sport-related injuries.


When ending a workout or a sporting activity, cooling down is extremely beneficial for maximizing muscle ease, speeding up recovery or easing out 
the heart rate in a slow and steady way. Cooling down by walking, breathing or massages etc helps the athlete clear lactate and other waste from their muscles. Extensive researches in Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania has shown that during prolonged exercises lead to an expansion of blood vessels, meaning more blood flow in the engaged muscles. Stopping abruptly can lead to blood pooling, dizziness or even fainting. All of this can be avoided by simply taking the time and the effort to cool down properly. Not only will this keep you healthy and let you recover faster but it will also be majorly responsible for prolonging your career.


It's fundamental for every world-class competitor to set aside the essential opportunity to set up their bodies for their athletic execution. Competitors can utilize a general warm-up to build muscle temperature and game explicit developments to get their body sharp. Chilling off after practices and rivalries for a ceaseless time frame will amplify recuperation and counteract against damage. On the off chance that a competitor will invest the effort to amplify their athletic execution, they should likewise invest the energy to appropriately warm up and chill off their bodies. To take in more about the advantages of extending, look at this article.
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