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Top 3 functional exercises

Posted on August 05 2017

Top 3 functional exercises


Let’s face it…most people live in denial. For the rest of us who live in the real world and deal with everyday issues, bigger biceps is not the answer. In fact, 20 inch biceps or a 50-inch chest are probably as useful in everyday life as an ejection seat on a helicopter.

As I have mentioned before the real world requires you to lift, carry, push and pull objects. Blowing up your show muscles without building strength in the rest of the body is a sure-fire recipe for disaster later on. 

To that end then here are my top 3 exercise picks for functional strength.


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Picking up something heavy from the floor is probably the oldest and most primal exercise there is. It is also the most effective. According to research the deadlift activates more muscle in the body than even squats. 


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Much before gyms were invented and barbells and dumbbells were conceived there was the push-up. An exercise as old as time and still a favorite because it’s simple, requires nothing and works out your shoulder, chest, triceps and core like no other exercise does. The best pushing exercise out there.

Farmers Walk:

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Again, one of the oldest functional movements since time began. Pick up something heavy and walk carrying it for a distance. To my mind it’s the best exercise for overall body functional strength. Just pick up heavy dumbbells in each hand and walk for a period of time or for a distance. This exercise activates literally every major muscle group in the body and the calorie burn is phenomenal.

Do these and watch how easy it becomes to perform everyday tasks. LOOKING GOOD IS A BONUS.




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