Top 3 reasons to choose the right workout clothes

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Top 3 reasons to choose the right workout clothes

Too many people arrive at the gym looking as if they’ve just got ready for bed. Baggy cotton t-shirt with an equally baggy pair of track pants which could be mistaken for pajamas. The thinking is that since they are anyway going to get sweaty and dirty, so why bother. I’m going to give you just 3 reasons why you should invest in high-performance gym apparel.


 Improves Performance

The right tools do help in achieving the right outcome. If you sweat in a cotton t-shirt it will just soak up the sweat and become heavier and heavier and more uncomfortable…remember getting wet in the rain wearing jeans…really uncomfortable. SportsNu apparel is made of polyester and polyester blends with moisture wicking properties which ensure you stay dry and cool throughout your workout.

Improves Range of Motion

Apparel made of the wrong fabric or style can and will restrict movement and affect ability. At SportsNu our specially softened and polyester-lycra blend clothes are engineered with stretching properties which ensure restriction free movement and stretch as far as you would go.

Feeling Good equals a better workout

With the right clothes to complement you, your confidence will automatically get a lift which automatically means a better workout. If you look great and feel great then this will reflect in your workout. SportsNu products are made to make you perform at your best while feeling your best.



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