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Why Trekking or Backpacking Is An Amazing Sport

Posted on March 17 2019

Why Trekking or Backpacking Is An Amazing Sport

For those souls who love dwelling in the hills, hiking is not a task whatsoever. Trekking and backpacking is just an excuse for them to be closer to the nature. The connect that one feels with the nature, is something unparalleled and unmatched. The adrenaline rush that pumps in the energy to run uphill or the chilly breeze that takes away all the pain and pangs on our drill downhill. But other than these soul refreshing aspects why trekking or hiking is considered an amazing sport, let’s unravel:

Improves Cardiovascular Strength

All thanks to our long distance walks and treks, our poor heart has to pump harder to fulfill the required oxygen. With the rise in altitude the oxygen level drops in the air and hence, the heart rate intensifies to increase the blood flow to the brain and the muscles for our body to function in full swing.

Detoxes the lungs

To be bluntly honest, we the urbanites are inhaling toxins and pollution everyday. Our lungs have forgotten the taste of clean air. That’s where the tour of hills come to our rescue. Backpacking to the hills take you through the purest of the nature and away from the civilisation and embrace your lungs. It detoxes your lungs and helps in improving your metabolism.

Weight Loss

Evidently, the extensive workout while trekking uphill and downhill, carrying big backpacks on our back, increases our metabolism and pushes our body to function double and sometimes triple our usual routine which leads to shedding unnecessary fat and water weight. A 4-5 day long trek can easily result in loss of significant amount of weight.  

Strengthens Bones

Well, trekking a mountain requires a significant amount of effort from our body. We have to stretch, jump, dodge or take leaps at regular intervals on our journey. Other than our drained body, the extra kilos on our back also add to the trekking experience hence making our bones habitual of carrying weights. It’s because of all these small exercise routines from time to time that our bones gain strength and the bone density also improves.

Strong muscles

With so much activity that our body is put through, it’s obvious that each and every muscle of our body will go through the drill. Trekking the mountains requires good muscle strength and endurance to bare all the pain. Not just quads and calf muscles, or back muscles but the core gets exercised a lot on a trekking drill. It all makes body muscles strong and agile.

Cool mind and excellent focus

Trekking is a sport that requires patience, endurance and zeal to reach the destination. If you don’t possess it already, you’ll develop it after few treks for sure. The trail can be long, boring or might feel never ending sometimes but that doesn’t mean the trail is over. The focus has to be the destination and only destination no matter how taxing or torcherous the trek might turn out to be. It’s not only challenging physically but also mentally to keep up with the changing altitude and surroundings. However, the calm and serene milieu helps in keeping the mind cool and focused.
These are the reasons why backpacking is fun and crazy sport. You get to be one on one with oneself and the nature. When are you planning your next getaway to the himalayas? Get yourself a right wardrobe for a trek because jeans and chiffon dress won’t fit the bill. Visit our website and explore our collection to pick your wardrobe for the next trip.


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