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Winter is Coming- Are you Workout Ready?

Posted on August 30 2019

Winter is Coming- Are you Workout Ready?

Waking up on winter mornings is the toughest thing to do. It is always hard to head outside on cold days. But, here are some tips for you to get going with your workout in the right manner.

  • Never Skip Your Warmups: Your muscles are like rubber bands and it is never a good idea to directly start with the major work out. According to experts, this can lead to major injuries, so it is always better to start your workout routine with warming up your muscles. Starting to heat up your larger muscles, like quads and hamstrings, with light stretching, jumping jacks, and lunges indoors before heading outside. If you’re commuting to a class or gym, consider speed walking to get your heart rate up.

  • Invest in the Right Apparel: Having the right apparel helps you a lot with your workout routine. Make sure that you are not just wearing warm but quick-drying clothes as well. Wet clothes can give you unwanted chills, which is not good for your body and can cause many problems. Invest in hoodies and caps as this helps your head and chest stay warm, which will eventually help you concentrate on your workout.  

  • Stay Hydrated: One very common mistake that we do is not drinking enough water in winter, as many people don't feel that sweaty during winter workouts. We need to keep in mind that we are still losing fluids and not drinking water can cause many problems. To keep yourself safe from dehydration make sure that you are drinking the right amount of water during your winter workout.
  • Sun Protection: People get confused with the fact that even if it’s winters that doesn't mean that you can’t get a sunburn. Make sure that you don't skip on your sunscreen. Use it in daylight and protect your skin problems. Even if it’s cloudy, UV rays can reach and damage the skin.
  • Don't take away Cooling Time: Make sure you give your body enough time to cool down and then come out of your workout clothes. According to experts, while working outdoors it helps your body eliminate exercise by-products and reduce potential muscle soreness. Have a post-workout stretching session and once you feel that your breaths have normalized then come out of your work out clothes. After a warm shower, have dry clothes and this will help you have the cosy winter feeling back.


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