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Workout tips to beat the summer heat

Posted on April 19 2019

Workout tips to beat the summer heat
Winter is the season to gain and summer is the season to cut so no matter how scorching sun gets or how high the mercury shoots you can’t run away from working out or sports. Summer is a fun time when there are so many activities to choose from such as swimming and cycling but the heat can be a trouble if you are not cautious.
  • Keep yourself hydrated
It’s important to keep yourself hydrated in summer irrespective of the fact you are working out or not. In case you are exercising or are involved in a high intensity sport it becomes all the more important. Also, do not over hydrate yourself because it will decrease Sodium level.

    • Right time of the day
    Opt for the time of the day when the temperature is moderate and not during the peak hours i.e.10 a.m. to 5 p.m. if you wanna avoid getting restless and exhaust fast during.

    • Loose and light outfit

    The right kind of wardrobe is very essential for the exercises to work in your favour. We suggest you go for loose and light coloured outfits in summer. Active wears made of polyester and lycra have great sweat wicking properties which keep you cool during and post workout.

    • Wear Sunscreen
    It’s important to wear sunscreen whenever you step out of the house, even if it's cloudy outside. You need to reapply it to the skin every 2 hours. Always go for SPF 30 or above for effectiveness and if you want to prevent fast skin aging and diseases like skin cancer. All the sports players wear sunscreen when they are playing in the sun.
    • Do not push your limits
    It is said that you must challenge yourself and push your limits to become a great sportsperson but not to an extent wherein you are at the verge of fainting. Always carry a water bottle, juicy snacks or fruit and avoid having dry snacks and energy bars because their breakdown requires water.

      • Exercise indoors or in shade
      It is suggested to opt for indoor sports or to workout in a gym so that you are not directly exposed to the sun. Even if you go out for running make sure you are doing it under shade or in the morning or evening.
        These might sound very basic tips but are very commonly committed mistakes by the people. Make sure you have a checklist in your mind that you always repeat before stepping out. Wishing you all a very happy summer, guys!


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