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About us

Our Story

We started SportsNu quite simply because we had to. 

We, being a bunch of amateur fitness enthusiasts, got pretty stressed by paying prices equivalent to the EMI of a small car for our clothes. 

Now we like a nicely made t-shirt or a pair of lightweight shorts just as much you do but we could never quite understand why it cost the earth and the moon to buy them, so we set out to see if we could do better.

We did.

We just cancelled out the endorsement mark-ups, the branding cost, the distribution surcharges, the franchise overheads, the advertisement outlays, the incidentals, the fees, the levy’s, the contingencies etc etc etc.

What you get is a fantastic, great quality product at an incredible price.


Our Philosophy

Shortcuts are for the timid. We wont make or sell anything we wouldn’t wear ourselves.


Our Product

 We make premium, superior sportswear and activewear at affordable prices to ensure that expensive fabrics aren’t the advantage of a few but the convenience of all. 

All fabrics and styles have been tested, worn and torn and by family, friends and us before being pronounced sale-worthy. 

Believe us when we say that there is no more brutal and colorful feedback than from a wife with a less than comfortable pair of tights or a brother with a pair of shorts that itch where they shouldn’t.


Our Purpose

Our clothes are intended to inspire and honor those who raise their BPM and not their BP, who watch their BMI as closely as their BUN. 

If your gym staff treats you as a fellow employee, if “happy hour” for you means working out and you update your health app more often than Facebook then my friend these clothes celebrate and applaud you and your commitment.

Whether you are rediscovering your relationship with sport or you are growing it, we want to make it easy, inexpensive and make you look good. 

This is about your sport and you.